Alpine Plateau Supper Club

AML introduces The Alpine Plateau Supper Club, a monthly dinner featuring 4 courses from Chef Roberta Masden, a cocktail and after-dinner entertainment in the AML Lounge. Meetings are held on a Tuesday once-a-month.  Tickets are mandatory and are limited. You can purchase your tickets online or at Arrowhead Mountain Lodge.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
6:00 PM
AdobeStock_311303545 [Converted].png
AdobeStock_311303545 [Converted].png
Smoked Salmon w/ Soda Bread
Bangers & Colcannon
Live Music
Tony Rosario
Emerald Isle Lamb Chops with Greens and Spring Peas
Irish Apple Cake w/ Custard Sauce and an Irish Coffee