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Arrowhead Mountain Lodge

Do you love mountains?  Are you looking for an adventure?  If "yes" then we are the outfit you are looking for!

Arrowhead Mountain Lodge is currently seeking to fill positions in
Service (Waitstaff), Housekeeping, and Kitchen.  We are looking for candidates who are high-pace with experience and can hit the ground running, but it is OK if you have little to no experience, we will train! Keep reading to be sure this is a good fit for you!

You can find links to job descriptions and apply at the bottom of this page.

About Us
About Us

The lodge was established in 1982 and included a small restaurant and general store. In 1992 a second floor was added with 12 guest rooms. The business has made many owners transitions throughout the years. The most recent owners, Jess Amie, her husband Patrick, and Parents Robert (Bob) and Suzy, entirely purchased the business and building in August 2013 and have since made many changes to the business structure and physical building. We recently purchased the 64 acres surrounding the Lodge property and added side-by-side and snowmobile rentals through the Polaris Adventures program.

We do many events throughout the year, especially during the winter and our slow times.  Our recurring events include Poker-Run, pairing dinners, wine tastings, and weddings.  We are proud to support our Military and its Veterans through several Veteran organizations that include:

Paul Thacker's PT11 organization. We host Paul and his veterans and take them out fishing, side-by-side, and snowmobiling adventures. Check out the testimonials from some of our past rides here PT11 TESTIMONIALS.

The All American Hero’s Foundation.  We host their veterans to participate in becoming Level 1 or 2 Avalanche certified.  We are creating an “Education and Training” building for them, pending approval from our local government, Gunnison County. Click here to view their website.

Our busy season is in the summer when cabin and RV vacationers return to the mountain to enjoy a cool, relaxing summer of ATVing, Fishing (we are located 20 mins from blue mesa reservoir), Hiking, mountain biking, dirt biking, mushroom hunting, and nature viewing (we have a lot of bears, deer, elk, beaver, marmots, FAT chipmunks and ornery squirrels who like to bark and throw their nuts at you!) We even have the 7th or 8th largest Aspen by diameter. We call her Jupiter.

Fall is also a busy time for us, with guests flocking to view our spectacular fall colors and hunters with Unit 66 tags coming to find their game.

Luckily for us, the main road (which takes you straight to us) is maintained all year round, including plowing it in the winter, so there are no problems for our guests and employees to reach us! We average 225 to 275 inches of snow a year! Our year-round community residents must snowmobile to their homes as the filing roads are only groomed. Activities include snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, back-country skiing, snowmobiling, snow biking, and good old-fashioned sledding!

Spring brings mud, but we still are open. What's a little mud on... everything!

When you work at the lodge, you become a celebrity!  Our community wants to get to know you, and they tip well! 

WE ARE REMOTE! The lodge is the only full-service bar and restaurant for almost 50 miles, and we highly discourage our employees from hanging out or partying at the lodge due to our small micro-community. What you do at the lodge will not stay at the lodge. Our closest towns are Gunnison and Montrose. Montrose has more to offer than Gunnison. Both are a 45-minute drive.

We are big on cross-training.  It is not always easy to obtain staffing, so when we are short-staffed or in our slower times, we will have you do various jobs outside your primary job.  Some of our tasks are shoveling snow (we have a couple of snowblowers, a skid steer, and a groomer), shoveling snow off the roof (we use guide wires and safety harnesses), light renovations, and other maintenance projects.

We have three employee houses totaling ten rooms, and the GMs get their own house. Our goal is to give our on-site employees their own private room. You will have to share a bathroom.  Housing is included as a part of your employment compensation and covers all utilities (phone, internet, water, electricity) up to $400/month. Utilities after the $400 will be split between all occupying employees.  Our houses are located within the Arrowhead Community and are within walking distance.

Our employees receive side-by-side rentals in the summer at a heavily discounted rate, and in the winter, each employee will be given a company snowmobile.

Our ideal candidate is someone who is high pace with experience and can hit the ground running, but it is ok if you have little to no experience. We will train.  Our ideal candidate does not mind doing side projects and shoveling snow.

They need to be flexible with our ever-changing and non-typical work environment. For example, the power goes out frequently in the summer, the internet goes out, sometimes a bear wanders through the beer garden, or we are hosting a special event like poker run, supper club, a wedding, Veteran Warrior Rides, or hosting x-game athletes during their high elevation training. 

We are looking for someone who is not afraid and willing to work as hard as they play.

Employee Perks include:

  • Discounted side-by-side rentals

  • Use of a company snowmobile

  • Discounts for lodging, meals, drinks, & swag

Housing is available for full-time staff, with a private room and shared bathroom. This is part of the employee's compensation package.


We are located 5.5 miles up a dirt, windy road off Highway 50. The road is very well maintained all year. We suggest an AWD or 4WD vehicle or good snow tires to guarantee to make it up our road in the winter when the weather is… well, snowing.

Having one's own vehicle is ideal but not necessarily required. We will pick up staff traveling to our location via public transportation.

We suggest bikes, ATVs, side-by-side dirt bikes, cross-country skis, and quality snowshoes as alternative means of getting around the neighborhood.


The possibilities are endless for outdoor lovers! Fishing, boating, hiking, mountaineering ( we got a few 14ers to climb), rock climbing, kayaking, ice climbing ( we are close to Ouray), Mountain biking, Dirt biking, ATVing, Nature viewing, Camping, Mushroom hunting, Animal Hunting, Shooting at the shooting range, Cross-country skiing on a groomed track, Snow-shoeing, Snowmobiling, Snow-biking, and Back-country skiing/snowboarding.

It takes an hour to get into town and we are only an hour and a half from Crested Butte, Monarch Mountain, Ridgeway, and a little further is Ouray and Telluride.

Compensation is competitive. 

  • We include housing in your compensation package, which averages an additional pay compensation of $3.75/hr.

  • Cooks and Housekeepers with housing and no to little experience start at $13.56 ($7125 when including the cost of housing)

    • Housekeepers can receive cash tips from lodging guests and their part of the Tip Pool.

    • Non- Management Kitchen staff receive tips from the Tip pool

    • Total per-hour compensation is $17.25/hr + Shared tips

  • Servers with housing with little experience start at $13.56. Average credit card tips (after the 20%) are between $5 and $10+/ hr, depending on the season. 

    • 20% of the server's credit card tips are pooled to be shared with the non-management back of house and housekeeping. All departments support each other, and the total team helps create the total package.

    • Wage+Tips+Housing total compensation can be from $21.31/hr to $26.75+/hr +cash tips.

    • We do strongly encourage our waitstaff to share cash tips with the kitchen.

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